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Forthcoming Technical Conferences

About Corrosion

Corrosion is a common problem encountered in various capital-intensive industries like Oil & Gas Production, Pipeline, Refining, Petrochemicals, Power, Process, Chemical, Fertilizer & Infrastructure Industries and others. Since the economic loss in these industries due to corrosion is extremely high, combating corrosion has paramount importance. By appropriate Corrosion Management Systems (CMS), we may able to increase the life of the assets, decrease unplanned production loss, increase safety & reliability etc. Corrosion Management System is the documented set of processes and procedures required for planning, executing, and continuously improving the ability of an organization to manage the threat of corrosion for existing and future assets. Managing the threat of corrosion requires consideration of both the likelihood and consequence of corrosion events.

CMS should be part of an organization’s Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) designed to specifically manage the threat of corrosion as well as the other non-corrosion-related threats to the assets or asset systems. Maximizing the effectiveness of the corrosion management system requires its application over the entire asset lifecycle.


The series of conferences will deliberate on the application-oriented Corrosion Control Practices and Techniques like Cathodic Protection, Protective Coatings, Corrosion Resistance Materials, Inhibitor, Corrosion Monitoring Systems, Corrosion Testing, Inspection & NDT techniques, Assessment of Corrosion Damage, new technologies etc.

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