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About the Conference

Surface protection has become an essential step either to protect the weak metal from corrosion, oxidation or wear or decorate the surface with different colours or finish. Many possible ways are there to achieve this. Application of paint coatings is the most trivial and easy to apply and therefore share 75% of the coating market. Annual paint market in India is about 65,000 CR. In the last decade, there has been a tremendous enhancement in the quality of paint coatings. Issues such as eco-friendly paint systems, waterborne or low VOC formulations, functional coatings, smart coatings have become important keywords. Also, there is a huge requirement in various industrial sectors such as automotive, marine and shipping, oil and gas, refineries, petrochemical plants and power plants. Thus it is important to discuss some of these modifications in a two-day conference and come to a better understanding of their selection procedure, application requirements and quality assurance.

There is a parallel coating market, which utilizes sophisticated techniques such as Thermal Spray, Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) and Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) and Laser Surface Modifications. For many industrial applications, thermal spray has become an important design parameter; much equipment requires hard and thin coatings for long durability. This whole bunch of processing techniques come under Surface Engineering and this conference will also devote a technical session to focus this area.

5th Edition of International Conference on “Industrial Coating & Surface Treatment” (ICST 2024) will give you extensive knowledge in Protective Coatings, advanced extreme coatings, surface treatment, linings and interfaces engineering, discusses recent advances and current problems.  This event will provide an unique networking platform in terms of interaction amongst professionals from various government and private industries. Your involvement at this premier event is essential for the success of ICST 2024.

Call for Abstracts for Oral / Poster Papers

Technical Committee of ICST invites authors to submit technical papers on specified technical topics for Oral Presentation or Poster Paper during conference. We are looking forward to Crisp papers of max 12-15 slides covering the new and latest information on the above topics.  Interested Speakers & SME’s are requested to send their topic along with abstract of 300-400 words stating very clearly the objective of the talk, the main theme which will be covered and what new information the paper is giving compared to existing information. Case study-based paper presentation(s), new product developments, solutions of the problems faced by the industry will be encouraged. 

Kindly send your nomination/participation details to:,


Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Title: Arial; 14 Font, Bold

Author: Arial; 12 Font, Bold

Affiliations: Arial; 11 Font, Bold, Italic

Abstract: Arial; 12 Font, 300-500 words

Keywords: Arial; 11 Font, Bold, Italic,

3-4 max., Number of keywords

PCST Abstracts

"ICST" Theme Topics

The technical program will cover, but not limited to the following topics:    

•    Best Practices of Coating Design, Specification & Application
•    Advanced & High Performance coating systems, New Developments
•    Corrosion Protection by Coatings in Oil and Gas, Offshore Structures
•    Performance of Existing Pipeline Coatings and Scope for Improvement
•    Corrosion Protection in Ships and Naval applications
•    Functional Coatings and Smart Coatings, Nano-technology
•    Thermal Spray Coatings, Hot Dip Galvanized and Aluminised Coatings
•    Surface Engineering – CVD/PVD and Laser Surface Modifications
•    Surface Preparation, Assessment & Best Practices of Coating Application
•    Coatings for Infrastructures, Concrete Coatings
•    Coating Failures, Coating Survey, Inspection & Maintenance of Coatings
•    Corrosion Protection in Refineries, Petrochemical Plants and Power Plants
•    Rehabilitation Coatings, Field joint Coatings
•    Corrosion under Insulation, High Temperature Coatings
•    Case Studies
•    Special Session on Zinc Based Coaing

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PCST Topics

Delegate registration for Conference

Kindly send your nomination/ participation details to,

ICST  2024 Delegate Table.png

18% GST will be applicable in case of INR Fees.


Corporate Discount**

10% discount for 3 or more participants participate from the same organization.
15% discount for 5 or more participants from the same organization.

PCST Registration

Who should attend?

  • Coating Professionals and Manufacturers

  • Coating and Raw Materials Suppliers

  • Oil & Gas Production/Processing

  • Oil Refineries, Petrochemicals

  • Fertilizers, Chemical & Process Industries

  • Power & Energy Industries

  • Infrastructure Companies

  • Corrosion, Integrity & HSE Professionals

  • Inspection & Maintenance Engineers

  • Design & Engineering Companies

  • Coating Equipment Suppliers

  • Educational and Technical Institutes

Your active participation and value addition in disseminating knowledge in the said event will surely be encouraging for all attendees & audience. 

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Exhibition (Promote Your Business/ Branding Opportunity)

The organizer will provide a well-furnished modern exhibition facility at the venue to provide a platform to showcase your products/services to the decision/ policy makers/ end users. The participants can easily access the exhibition. This exhibition will be open to all the delegates and invitees from industry, research and academic institutions during the conference. Choose this platform to share your products and services with the august gathering and create new business opportunities and partnerships. Contact us for more information. The exhibitors will be entitled to the following facilities:

ICST  2024 Stall.png

18% GST will be applicable in case of INR Fees.

PCST Exhibition

18% GST will be applicable in case of INR Fees.

Fees in dollar (USD) are applicable for Overseas Companies.

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E-magazine (Conference Souvenir) will be published with details of participating companies, abstracts (presented during the Seminar), photographs etc. The magazine will feature advertisements from the industry and is of tremendous publicity & business value. The e-copy of the magazine is going to have a significant number of free circulation (more than 1,15,000 worldwide) covering almost all the industry, service providers, contractors, suppliers as well as end-users.

Conference Souvenir Advertisement Charges

ICST  2024 Souvenir.png
PCST Souvenir

Past Companies


For Registration of Delegate/ Speaker/ Sponsorship
Please Contact to

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M.: +91 98213 71009 / 87001 32648


Registration / Inquiry about Conference
Fill in the form to get further detail of the Conference

Thank you for showing your interest to participate in the Conference. We will shortly get back to you. Your message is important to us. If you don't receive a response, feel free to email/ contact us directly.

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